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free service call
Why A-1 Heating & Cooling charges $79.99 per service call? Why don't we charge lower amount or offer free service call like others?

          Our company is listed on Google, Thumbtack, Home Advisor, Yelp and many others. It costs more than $40 per lead. Then there are other business expenses. Don’t you wonder, how our competitors make money by charging half the price than ours? Well, they don’t, they lose money but they do it to attract customers, and its acts like a bait.

          They get hired mostly for their lower diagnostic fee or free service call, but then once they are at your place, these companies have to sell you overpriced parts and services to make money and it doesn’t matter if you actually need any of it or not. Hence, if you are hiring a company just because it costs you less then be ready to pay a lot more to get your AC units serviced. Even when there is a very minor issue like a dirty air filter for which our company doesn’t charge you anything extra.

          So next time, you are hiring any professional company, make sure they have excellent reputation in their existing customers and they are priced right. We charge $79.99 just because when we raised our service call to $100 (which we thought was fair), we started to lose a lot of new customers because of such other companies, which are neither honest nor truly professional.


We are now serving;

Salt Lake City,
North Salt Lake,
South Jordan,
West Jordan,
West Valley City,
Cottonwood Heights,
Bountiful & other cities.


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