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Our diagnostics fee is $79.99 and this is the least we charge to come. However, we try to fix minor problems without additional charge.

We highly recommend our comprehensive tune-up service for anyone who hasn’t tuned up their furnaces for more than one year.

A-1 basic tune-up is $79.99 that ensures normal functionality of your furnace. No tests will be performed.

A-1 Standard tune-up is $149.99. All burners will be checked and cleaned. Safety switches, controls and electrical connections will be checked. Condensate line and trap will be flushed and cleaned. Complete tune-up report is included.

A-1 Comprehensive Tune-up is $249.99. Even though its most expensive but its the most useful and in reality might be a cheapest solution to your furnace problems. It includes indoor coil cleaning, which itself costs $250. It includes Blower Motor Cleaning which costs $100. If we find bad ignitor and/or flame sensors, we will replace them for no additional cost.

No, We are unable to install/repair any duct-works  at the moment.

It can cost as low as $2,000 and as high as $17,000 for a residential unit. There are difference sizes and brands. We can give you free estimate for a unit most suitable for your home/office.

It depends on how much refrigerant it needs and what kind of refrigerant your unit has in it. Some uses very expensive refrigerants.

Yes. Check to be sure that the air handler or furnace is plugged in. Check that the breakers and the disconnects are turned on and be sure the thermostat is set correctly. Most common reason for service calls is bad/dirty air filter so please replace it and see if it fixes your overheating or freezing issue.


To keep your HVAC system running in tip-top shape, we recommend a maintenance appointment twice a year (once for heat, once for air conditioning). This way, we can check your filters, coils, wiring, housing, motor, and more to make sure you’re getting the most out of your system.


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